ESFA Registered Approved Apprenticeship Training Provider

As of February 2018, we are pleased to have become an ESFA Registered Approved Apprenticeship Training Provider.

From April 2017, employers will contribute towards an Apprenticeship Levy.  They will, therefore, be able to draw on funding to recruit and train apprentices to strengthen their workforce.  We will support Justice Sector employers in providing quality apprenticeships to those they recruit.

An employer group involving public, private and voluntary sector providers is currently working to design apprenticeship standards at Levels 3 and 6 for Rehabilitation and Probation Practitioners as well as standards for Custody and Detention Officers.  LAURUS Development will be one of the forerunners offering these apprenticeships.  We will be seeking to engage with employers at am appropriate point in the development process to enable a smooth transition from the current arrangements.

In the meantime we continue to offer the following qualifications – Level 3 Diploma in Probation Practice, Level 4 Certificate in Community Rehabilitation and Level 5 Diploma in Probation Practice.

Early discussions with employers about bespoke delivery models are invited.

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