Welcome to LAURUS Development

LAURUS Development is a staff owned mutual specialising in justice sector professional training, assessments, qualifications and management development.

We specialise in professional training, assessments, qualifications and continuous professional development addressing the professional competence of those working at all levels in the Justice Sector.

The outsourcing of probation services involved the government awarding contracts in England and Wales to 21 community rehabilitation companies to supervise low and medium risk offenders. In 2020, the next phase will see CRCs being aligned with the geographical divisions of the National Probation Service, the public sector body that supervises high risk offenders.

Ahead of the new procurement exercise aimed at seeing further improvements to raise standards, LAURUS is working closely with justice sector employers in driving the contribution of learning, development and qualifications to improve performance.

Our skills delivery focuses on entry level, enhanced practice and higher level skills.