Closing the Qualification Gap

Since the advent of Community Rehabilitation Companies, the requirement to ensure that staff are ‘trained and competent’ has been variously applied. Some CRCs were determined from the outset to ‘grow their own’ staff and so invested in both the training and qualification of PSOs. LAURUS developed and delivered the Level 4 Certificate in Community Justice to PSOs for further details click here.

It has effectively provided a pool of staff who are motivated to develop their careers further and who have advanced access to the Professional Qualification in Probation.

Not all PSOs in CRCs have had the opportunity to complete a qualification. This creates a qualification gap that we anticipate will be redressed contractually. ‘Trained and competent’ is likely to become ‘trained and qualified’. The notion of a professional register remains the ultimate goal.

Employers tell us that they need to understand the range of choice, delivery models and related costs. LAURUS has experience in advising, co-designing and delivering on the best model for the organisation. Care is taken to identify and manage resources with clear outcomes in sight.

LAURUS also understands the value that staff and organisations place on career progression routes. Available options need careful consideration and selection. We believe that an individual’s best potential is secured through clear information, advice and guidance.

For an exploratory conversation on how we can help your organisation close the qualification gap Contact Us.