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2 Day Event


Group work skills are ones which can be applied in all practitioner work.   The ability to think on your feet and engage a group will develop your one to one skills.  The event will provide staff with an understanding of why we use group work with service users, and develop their understanding of how groups form and work. There will be some rehearsal of skills to reinforce areas such as co-working and feedback.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Analyse the function of group work as an intervention.

  • Explore group dynamics and identify its effects.

  • Clarify how to lead and manage a group of diverse participants.

  • Explain how to engage a group in the required task.

  • Describe the elements of effective co-working.

  • Explore how to manage risk within a group.

This 2 day experiential course is for those staff who have not experienced the delivery of any group programmes and who need to understand the basics of group working.

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