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Giving a Presentation
Giving a Presentation


Today, we are successfully delivering Learning and Development to over half of the 21 CRCs – from managing their learning and development to providing Qualification Assessment Services in their Community Rehabilitation Company areas. This is extended to learning, development and qualifications that we deliver to Youth Offending Teams, Local Authority Community Safety Teams and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Over the next year we will see CRCs being aligned with the geographical divisions of the National Probation Service, the public sector body that supervises high risk offenders. Ahead of the new procurement exercise aimed at seeing further improvements to raise standards, LAURUS is working closely with justice sector employers in driving the contribution of learning, development and qualifications to improve performance.

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LAURUS Development offers enhanced services and products to a national customer base – both the emerging National Probation Service and new Community Rehabilitation Companies. Successful in delivering professional training, assessments and  qualifications  for both the NPS who is responsible for the supervision of Medium and High Risk of Serious Harm offenders and the CRCs who remain responsible for low and medium risk of serious harm offenders.

Building on the foundations Laurus Development emerged as an independent legal entity and established itself as a successor service in response to the ‘Transforming Rehabilitation ‘ agenda put forward by the Secretary of State, Chris Grayling in his reform of the provision of services for offenders in the community, This saw the provision of community services for offenders divided between a single public-sector National Probation Service (NPS)  and a set of private-sector Community Rehabilitation Companies( CRCs) organised on the basis of 21 geographical areas.



Laurus OD solutions manages and delivers training and qualification requirements for five regions; Lancashire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire. It came into being on 1st July 2011 as a result of a Joint Venture Agreement between the five North West Probation Trusts where separate training delivery units merged to become an integrated regional learning centre to manage and deliver Trust training and qualification requirements.

"Laurus OD Solutions was set up to bring together the training delivery for five Probation Trusts across the North West in a consistent and professional fashion while recognising the particular requirements of the individual Trusts. Laurus has been successful in managing this process working with a variety of internal and external trainers, reporting to a Board comprising representatives of all five Trusts while managing the analysis, development, recording and delivery of all of their training needs.

During this time Laurus OD Solutions has been agile and responsive to client needs, alert to professional developments in the field and being an effective one-stop-shop for all of the Trusts training needs."

Elizabeth Barnett Chair of the Board

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Our foundations date back to 1998 where collaborative working between Probation Trusts was initiated with the setting up of a consortium between the Northern Trusts to establish a coordinated learning and development function sharing knowledge, expertise and resources.

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