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5 Day Training Event


The Practice Enhancement Programme delivers three events which are tied together by subsequent Enquiry-Based Learning sets. These have been successfully delivered to CRC providers looking to develop the senior practitioners of the future.

Using the Enquiry-Based Learning model, individuals are able to learn by investigating scenarios and problems, using their collective experience to enhance their knowledge. Individuals are supported to conduct investigations to satisfy their curiosity, help them broaden their knowledge base and develop their skills and mind-set.

Develop good practice in managing risk of serious harm (2 days)

  1. Appraise what constitutes good practice in completing accurate risk assessments

  2. Examine the contribution of investigative approaches to risk assessment

  3. Determine how to make risk assessment decisions based on actual, intentional, potential or cumulative risk

  4. Investigate how and when risk changes through analysis of stable and acute dynamic risk factors in your casework

  5. Judge when to initiate the risk escalation process and be able to advise others on improves risk practice

  6. Establish good practice approaches to working with complex cases presenting risk of serious harm

Advanced motivational skills with complex cases (2 days)

  1. Analyse how your knowledge of theory develops and enhances your motivational work with complex cases

  2. Distinguish the factors that support self-determination theory

  3. Integrate motivational skills into your desistance practice

Representing your organisation (1 day)

  1. Establish the skills needed to represent your organisation at an enhanced operational level

  2. Analyse how you apply these skills in different contexts

  3. Promote effective interaction with operational partners at an enhanced operational level

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