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Risk is dynamic and can change quickly.  An escalation in an offender’s level of risk can have an impact on their successful rehabilitation, their family and those around them as well as their involvement with rehabilitation services.  The training aims to ensure that as a practitioner, you are able to identify with confidence how to identify changing risk and make sound judgements on how to manage it.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify with confidence when risk changes and how to be better aware of acute and specific risk factors in the cases you work with.

  • Identify how to make a defensible decision when deciding on increased risk and the need to initiate the risk escalation process.

  • Identify how to involve others in your review of risk; especially when liaising a variety of rehabilitation services involved with a case.

  • Complete a risk escalation report recognising what constitutes a quality assessment.

  • Identify appropriate action to take when risk decreases.

This 1 day course is aimed at practitioners who assess risk.  It would also be useful for those involved in the risk management process who may benefit from the added knowledge of what constitutes good practice in risk.  This course would be useful to complete on a 2 year refresher basis when material could be adapted to ensure that current case examples are used to support ongoing learning.

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